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Is My Project a Specialty Franchise?

The design of a franchise doggy daycare, swim school, wellness/spa, specialty retail, fitness, or child care facility is unique. We know how important due diligence is to prevent costly downstream permitting pitfalls.

Helping to guide franchisees.
  • Experienced in relevant due diligence to prevent costly downstream permitting pitfalls
  • Exceptionally present, attentive to detail, and forward-thinking
  • Trained to guide your franchisees while keeping you on track with your targets
  • Conscious of the landlord work letter and how existing conditions impact design

Opening a new business can be a scary endeavor. However, franchisees with compelling franchisor architectural recommendations have fewer delays and unexpected costs. It’s especially critical for specialty franchise concepts where the planning and design process can be more intricate due to the special design requirements of the unique brand.

We’ve helped guide hundreds of specialty franchisees through the planning and design process. Our portfolio includes over 180 doggie daycare centers, 50+ swim schools, 100+ childcare centers, 50+ wellness spas, and multiple co-working franchised brands. 

In each of those cases, success hinged on effective communication. Our dedicated team of in-house Architects, Engineers, and Permitting staff help roll out new locations in any area of the country. Along the way, franchisees are coached through the design and permitting process with empathy, skill, and a little dose of good humor.


Instantly tap the wisdom earned from Interplan’s completion of over 1000 specialty franchise projects.

Reduce risk through our proactive research reports to preempt permitting pitfalls, schedule impacts and costly mistakes.

Lock-in brand consistency as you expand your brand nationally, despite various permitting considerations and uncommon design elements.

Save time with a single-sourced Architecture and Engineering partnership for more control over the process and less time repeating yourself.

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