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Can You Help Guide Our Restaurant Franchisees?

With franchise restaurants, there are many levels of stakeholders who all have different perspectives, priorities, and needs. We’ve got you covered; we’re active, empathetic listeners, and we’re licensed in all 50 states to keep you compliant nationwide.

Helping to guide franchisees.
  • Trained to guide franchisees while keeping the franchisor on track with targets
  • Attentive to details between the kitchen, lighting, and décor vendors to get it all just right
  • Conscious of the landlord work letter and how existing conditions impact design
  • All in-house (even engineering) because coordination between all disciplines involved in a restaurant design is no joke

There is so much time and planning involved in the design, construction, and opening of a new restaurant. From experience, we know that many franchisees are navigating this process for the first time. We can empathize that this is a daunting time for the franchisee and the franchisor. We work with both stakeholders to reduce the stress of the process and meet mutual goals.

Completing more than 5,000 franchised restaurant projects over our history has taught us to genuinely listen and learn what franchisors (and their franchisees) need from a design partner. 

Quality Architecture and Engineering drawings are expected, but the quality of communication and guidance franchisors get are the actual keys to a successful partnership. 

We consider it a special honor to be selected as your preferred design partner so franchisees can trust and rely on us.


Instantly tap the wisdom earned from Interplan’s completion of 5,000+ franchised restaurants projects. We’re your rollout experts.

Lock-in brand consistency as you expand your brand nationally, despite various codes and local jurisdictional requirements.

Relax while we help guide your franchisees through the unfamiliar design and permitting process. Then you can focus on managing the schedules, contractors, and other tasks on your plate.

Save time with a single-sourced Architecture and Engineering partnership for more control over the process and less time repeating yourself.

Claim the fame of a smoother process to your leadership team with Interplan doing the heavy-lifting, thinking, and guiding for your next restaurant’s location.

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"What we really like about working with Interplan is that they dedicated a team to our model, so we're working with the same people from project to project."
Justin DiGilio, Construction Manager, Duck Donuts
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