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Over 8,000 Corporate Restaurants Designed.

Ground-up or remodel initiative, the planning and communication involved can be overwhelming for corporate restaurant programs. Let our deep expertise spare you cost overages and project delays.

Clear expectations up front.
  • Responsive communicators because we know you have your own team that needs to be updated
  • Fluent in advising and navigating the zoning requirements, allowable uses, and parking requirements for your restaurant
  • All in-house (even engineering) because coordination between all disciplines involved in a restaurant design is no joke
  • Attentive to detail between the kitchen, lighting, and décor to keep it on-brand and accurate
  • Conscious of the landlord work letter and impacts of the existing conditions on the proposed design

Designing more than 8,000 corporate restaurants means we fully understand your world. You have corporate deadlines to meet, targets to hit, and teams waiting on your updates. 

We know this better than most because Interplan’s history is firmly rooted in corporate restaurant development, stretching back nearly 50 years.

Fast-casual inline restaurants, ground-up QSR prototypes, fine dining restaurants, and remodel initiatives are our heritage. We provide experienced project managers who are specialized in your type of project. Beyond the deadlines and updates, your corporate restaurant project requires attention to detail and quality drawings. 

It’s the reason we brought all the architecture, MEP engineering, civil engineering, and permitting services under one roof. As a single-source firm, we achieve better drawing coordination, team communication, overall higher quality, and consistency for your success.


Instantly tap the wisdom earned from Interplan’s completion of 8,000+ corporate restaurant projects.

Save time with a single-sourced Architecture and Engineering partnership for more control over the process and less time repeating yourself.

Involve a team of proactive problem-solvers to be an extension of your brain and share the mental load with you.

Claim the fame of a smoother process to your corporate leadership with Interplan doing the heavy-lifting, thinking, and guiding for your next restaurant’s location.

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“Interplan brought a lot of solutions to some of the challenges that we face, and we still continue to do it, building store number 15. Each store we will learn lessons, but we continue to build on that momentum.”
John Rivers, CEO at 4 Rivers
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