We are making a splash for the Goldfish swim schools franchising team.

A Quick Story

Being the brand expert and a guide to the franchisee.

Our extensive experience with working with Franchise Specialty brands like Goldfish uniquely positions Interplan to maintain brand consistency for franchisors as they expand their brand nationally, while we help guide their franchisees through the often-unfamiliar design and permitting process.

At the onset of engaging with Goldfish’s corporate team, we collaborated with their design and construction team to learn their specialty project needs. We immersed ourselves in the way they do things, and we met with their leadership to understand the brand elements and why they do things the way they do. Thereby Interplan could provide a team that understands their culture, speciality engineering requirements, and project design, layout, and scope to effectively produce a quality set of drawings

We have been working together for 4 years and counting, providing architecture, mep engineering, permitting, site surveys to verify existing conditions, and due diligence.  We continue to help guide the franchisees through the unfamiliar processes of design and permitting, being a trusted partner corporate can lean in on so that we can help maintain brand consistency as they expand nationally.


We understand each franchise partner may have varied levels of development experience, and each brings his/her own set of priorities, fears, and concerns to each project. We take the time in the front end of each project to learn about each franchise partner as a person, connect as humans, learn more about the specific project and guide the franchisee through the process to establish expectations and insight to what the steps are in the process.

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