Aiding Kalvera in their goal of expansion through excellent communication.

A Quick Story

Aid a new client to develop and expand a brand.

Interplan was able to help a first-time client bring their vision to life, taking them from the vision stage, to conceptual designs, and through to the end of the project when the doors opened for business.  We utilized our interior design, architecture/engineering, and permitting teams in a true group effort.  Kalvera needed a turn-key solution to help them not only develop a new store design and layout, but also permit and build their first store.  Interplan was integral in aiding in the selection of finishes and fixtures, helping with bidding and selecting a contractor, and supporting the owner during the construction process.

“Availability and frequency of communication, it was really above and beyond. And while I haven’t worked with other arch firms, it made me think that if I had this level of communication with everything else that I would be way farther…I expect the bare minimum to be done, and I figure I have to pick up the slack…But that’s not the feeling I got from Interplan and that was pleasantly surprising.”

Slade Sundar, Co-founder


Having a single point of contact from Interplan was the key to the success of the project.  Kalvera was juggling with a lot of things going on all at once, but Interplan helped provide a clear and consistent communication to help smooth the process for Kalvera and ensure that every detail was accounted for in the project.

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