Journeying with MOD Pizza for 200+ locations.

A Quick Story

Providing a dedicated team allows for expansion and brand consistency.

After initially meeting with MOD in 2015, there was a need for an architectural partner to help MOD grow and reach parts of the country where stores did not exist yet. Alongside MOD’s in-house design team, we were able to work with them closely to design over 230 exciting new locations nationwide. MOD needed a team to help them grow, and we answered that call with a dedicated team of Architects, MEP Engineers, and Permitting staff for their continuous expansion and remodels. We quickly became an extension of their team working closely as each space was designed to represent the local community but still follow the brand design and provide a thread of consistency from location to location. With our in-house permitting team, we were able to support their need for help navigating the challenging permitting processes which comes about when expanding nationwide.

Charging forward as a key player helping restaurant brands expand.

With a strong need for national licensing, bandwidth, and a firm with all services in house, MOD quickly found value in Interplan’s national licensing, long history of restaurant experience, and full-service approach to their project types. As an extension of their team, Interplan was able to assist in their expansion with corporate and partner stores taking their brand from just over 50 locations to close to 600 locations nationwide.

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