Expanding the Hawkers Asian Street Fare With A Local Flare

A Quick Story


As an emerging restaurant brand with explosive growth on the horizon into new markets, Hawkers came to Interplan in 2018 with a need for a local design team who could cater to their unique design needs and had the bandwidth to support their expansion. For Hawkers, it was important to have all the people on the team working cohesively and seamlessly. Additionally, each Hawkers project is similar but each space is very unique and has design elements that change from location to location based on the local community. So, having a team that understands restaurant design and has a good eye for detail was extremely important.

It was important to Hawkers to not only have a local team to assist with the design and engineering of their locations, but it was also important that the team bring good humor to their projects. Interplan continues to be an extension of the Hawkers team and provides a complete range of Architecture, Engineering, and permitting services in-house for Hawkers projects nationwide.

Photo Credits: Nashville Guru

“I’ve always felt like restaurants are different animals, with grease traps and hoods etc., if the design team doesn’t have that experience, then I wouldn’t want to work with them.”

Mike Stone Sr. Director of Construction

When being a team of teams equals success.

For Hawkers it was very important to have an architectural partner that understands their brand, their designs, and who can navigate jurisdictional requirements well. With Hawkers projects going into historic buildings, unique tenant spaces, and non-traditional site locations they needed a team to help support their vast array of development challenges and work together as an extension of their team. With our years of restaurant experience, we are able to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help  guide Hawkers in the right direction.

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