March 31, 2023
Women’s History Within Interplan

On behalf of Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate some of the women who helped shape Interplan’s history and those who continue to lead the charge into the company’s future.

Principal of Architecture – The Past and The Future

Louise Craver, Principal of Architecture (est. 1990 – 2022)

Louise began her career at Interplan in 1990 and worked on many programs within the Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality sectors. It was evident very early on that she exhibited a natural leadership ability and passion for Architecture. Her strong technical skills, coupled with her empathetic leadership style, led her to become the Principal of the Orlando Architecture department in 2000. Not only was Louise a highly effective leader, but she was also a mentor and a role model to so many people within the department who were pursuing their Architecture careers. As Louise began to think of retirement, her years of leadership and mentorship benefited her because she was able to promote Laurel Martin from within her department to take over her duties as Principal of Architecture in 2021.

Laurel R. Martin, Principal of Architecture (2002- Present)

Laurel joined the company in 2002 and has always been seen as diligent, hard-working, and an expert communicator. She told her parents in 5th grade that she wanted to be an Architect… and since 2002 has served in a variety of positions at Interplan in the Architecture department, culminating in Principal-In-Charge in 2022. Supporting our Managing Director and leadership team since her promotion, Laurel oversees every detail related to architectural quality, compliance, and excellence. Laurel has demonstrated exceptional skills as an Architect and in managing client projects with care and empathy. She continues to lead by example and demonstrates so many of the same leadership qualities that Louise embodied and undoubtedly passed on to Laurel during her mentorship.

Director of Development Services – The Past and The Future

Annmarie “Bemmie” Eustace, Director of Development Services (est. 1988-2021)

Bemmie Eustace was a trailblazer for Interplan and left a huge imprint in the company’s history with the formation of the Permitting Department. Just a few years after Interplan’s Orlando office was opened, Bemmie was brought on to help support and differentiate the company from its competitors by offering a valuable service that no other Architecture company had at the time. She launched a small Permitting Department, self-educating herself over the years on how to navigate the reviewing agencies, what due diligence questions to ask to best support the client’s project, and how to gain efficiencies when going through the various permit review processes.

She created a department from 1 person and grew exponentially over the years. Bemmie also sat on the Florida Board for Disabilities – learning and understanding the vast range of ADA code regulations and numerous updates over the years. This vast knowledge led her to become an ADA specialist not only at Interplan but within the industry as a whole.

Her passion for mentorship was just as strong as her dedication to creating the Permitting department. Her mentorship contributed to the promotion years later of Monica Pomroy, who now leads the department as the current Director of Development Services. Today, although retired, you will find Bemmie still in the halls of Interplan mentoring the current Permitting team members by hosting training seminars and continuing education for the emerging leaders in the department. Bemmie created this department with humble beginnings, and she continues to pour into the next generation of leaders that will take the department into the future.

Monica Pomroy, Associate Director of Permitting Services (2003-Present)

Monica left her initial career pursuits in early childhood education to join the Interplan Permitting Department in 2003.  Her value to the department was apparent very early on, and she was selected to launch 2 satellite permitting offices in Charlotte and Las Vegas before finally returning to Orlando, taking on the role of Permitting Department Manager in 2018. Her kind demeanor, coupled with high-quality standards, earned her the role of Permitting Department Manager in 2018.  Her deep understanding of the nuances in the entitlements, due diligence, and permitting world – along with her popularity among staff and clients alike – earned her the role of Director of Development Services in 2022. Monica continues to bring creativity and motivation to her team. She shares her enthusiasm and knowledge with her team of 27 permitting staff and works to further develop them alongside each of their studio managers. Monica is a true team player and loves to work cohesively to this day with Bemmie as Bemmie continues to mentor and share her knowledge with the Permitting team.

What these women all have in common is the same hunger, humility, and servant leadership that the company was built on and stands strong on today. We wanted to highlight these women for their continued leadership and their mentorship of others in order to prepare the next generation of leaders. We recognize, honor, and celebrate these women and our entire team of women not only this month but every day. We are grateful for their strength and resilience in the past, present, and into our future.