Dennis CabalaPrincipal

Meet Dennis

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Dennis grew up in a blue collar neighborhood where the common goal was to just get through school and move on to the working life. But Dennis had bigger ideas. After graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, he worked at a few small firms before joining Interplan in 1983 as a draftsman (yes, drawing with pencil and paper!). Through his hard work, reliability and having an ambitious mind, Dennis became a Principal in 2001.

An animal lover and an avid reader who appreciates good humor and loves a good story (or two or three), Dennis is an all-around likeable guy. He has two adult stepsons (neither of which was at all interested in becoming an architect) and two granddaughters. You might find Dennis betting on a sports game…or two…and always living by the “carpe diem” philosophy of life (even when his team loses.)

Professional Credentials
  • Licensed Architect - State of Illinois
  • Illinois Institute of Technology 1982 Bachelor of Architecture